Who’s who in the zoo?

We’ve built a reliable team of shade experts with over 30 years of experience in building and installation. But before we introduce everyone, let’s start with one of the most common questions.

Where did the Rhino come from?

The name Rhino Shades comes from Peter’s nick name growing up. We wanted something fun and memorable with a connection to our family name Ryan. It didn’t take long to catch on and now we can’t imagine the business without it.

Peter Ryan
Managing Director

Peter has been involved in the building industry since his carpentry apprenticeship started at 16 years of age. Having worked his way up the ranks at large commercial companies he decided it was time to balance work and family life, and so Rhino Shades was born. Peter is our master designer and creator and is often found in meetings with our engineer or draftsman, planning something special.

Louise Blackshaw
Finance Manager

Louise is responsible for our financial side of the business. One of her best qualities is her glass-half-full outlook, which keeps us motivated and moving forward on a daily basis, along with her skill for getting things organised. Louise takes great pride in her team at Rhino Shades.

Leanne Ryan
Office Manager

Leanne has taken on the implementation of our new software database and keeps all the staff in the loop. She’s also responsible for our fleet of vehicles, which gives her plenty to do. Her can-do attitude, bubbly personality and commitment to customers means all clients receive service with a smile.

Michael Daly
Factory Forman

Michael is our factory foreman who oversees the construction and fabrication of our structures.  He has successfully completed a carpentry trade as well as welding/fabrication courses.  Michael is extremely knowledgeable and is our go to man, he has the ability to be able to read the plans and just make it happen

Troy Brown
Site Supervisor

Troy is our site supervisor and a great leader to our crews. He’s always organised and happy to help – he can just get in and get the job done. Troy’s other passion is his sport, he is extremely fit and weekends are filled with competitions.